Monday, 19 December 2011

A half marathon ticked off the list!

 I completed my first half marathon!  I thought 2:15-2:30 would be a realistic time to aim for, going on my comfortable base pace and looking at times from other's first half marathons.  However, I was extremely proud on the day when I came in at 2h 13m 10s!  :)  AND I could have done better, having walked a large chunk at around mile 11.
I really struggled at mile 11.  I had in my head that there was a water station here, but it wasn't until 11.5 which put a huge mental block on me to keep going forward.  I found 11.5-13 very easy, but really struggled again for the last 0.1 mile!...Until I saw Kerry run towards me screaming out my name to encourage me to the end!  She was placed perfectly, and I even managed a sprint finish!  Although very happy with my time, I know I can do better, and would like to aim for a sub 2h 5m half at Silverstone in March.

I have also completed my first race, or even first run in the snow!  Stopsley cross-country was yesterday morning, and just as we arrived it really started to snow!  There were snowflakes as big as 10p pieces!  And I was in shorts!  Eek!  Luckily, the run helped me to warm up once we began.  I didn't perform very well but was under no illusions that I would, having raced a half marathon a week earlier, being ill for the entire week and only completing one small, poor run since the previous Sunday.  However I was not last, and had loads of fun out in the snow!

Now, serious training begins for my marathon!  Doctors appointment today to be declared fit and my plan begins next week, so lots of runs to be fit in this week to get back to full fitness.  I am really looking forward to it!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

December Day 1.

First day of December today.  Eleven days until my half marathon, twenty-five days until Christmas dinner and 30 days until Dave and Marie's wedding!
...And I can't make run club tonight!  It's year 10 parents evening at school tonight and my last appointment isn't until nearly 7pm.  Club starts at 6:30.  :(
Breakfast:  Small flapjack with choc chunks, cornflakes with semi-skimmed milk.

Friday, 25 November 2011

An awful month.

Well, as the month finishes on Wednesday at midnight, I have no good news to report...I pulled out of my first cross-country at 2.15 miles, have mainly only been running three sessions a week instead of four due to my current busy lifestyle, and I have eaten so many sweet things it's untrue!  I think not coming on here regularly enough to motivate myself hasn't helped at all though.
On the plus side, I have now crossed the 12 mile barrier!  With each mile completed between 9:25 - 11:44 as well, with the majority at 10ish min miles.
Fingers crossed for a better week this week!
Another plus, was that I am looking much better and fitter (I think!) in my recent cross-country photo!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Stats and day one!

Not a great start to day in more than I should have...
Stats from the start of this exercise are as follows...
Weight = 170.4 (Massive!)
Body fat = 29.3
Body water = 51.6
Body muscle = 7.0
BMI = 26.1

Two pieces of toast for breakfast, a one inch brownie, orange and two kelloggs mini bite biscuit pieces (the whole pack was only 99cals though) for lunch, a flapjack before running and a large jacket potato with cheese, chives and beans for tea.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Movember = Wlovember!!! (Weight loss!)

Dan has decided to complete MOvember for the month of November...I have therefore promised that I shall eat sensibly, no sweet things and lots of exercise over the 30 days...we shall see how I get on!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

'You've lost weight!'

This comment made me grin yesterday when I bumped into another teacher I started the school with but hadn't seen in several weeks!

My garmin goal was 10,000 calories in a month, which I completed at the weekend, and afterwards worked out that to lose a pound in weight you must eat/burn off an extra 2,500 cals, so I should therefore be approximately 4 lbs lighter!

I also had compliments from somebody in the group above at run club last night who hadn't seen me run since the beginners group and said I had improved loads.  Kept me going at full speed ahead for the remainder of the run!  :)

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Girlie club run with cake!

Just back from a nice little 5 mile run with the ladies from the club.  Meeting in town and finishing at the coffee shop for cake and milkshakes!  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!  Found it really easy.  Too easy today almost.  Felt like I could go much further.  It really does make a big difference running with others.  Am looking forward to trying about 8-9 tomorrow morning back in Norfolk...

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

One week in...

...and feeling fitter!  :)
I ran the Swineshead 5 mile race last Sunday on a whim and got a new PB of 48m 16s which I was very happy with!  And my first medal since I have been with W&DAC.
We ran just over 6 miles to Gt Doddington last night with run club and I no longer seem to be struggling to manage long distances or worry over my breathing.  My main issue at the moment seems to be speed.  I am capable of lasting the distance, but I just don't get there very quickly!
The big news of the week is that I have just entered the Bedford half marathon on 11th December.  13 weeks away!  Hopefully time to train!  I've dragged the others along with me...we shall see how we get on over the coming months, but that definitely ticks off the 'complete at least a 10 mile run' point from the before-the-wedding checklist!

Friday, 9 September 2011

New target...

OK, so I need a new milestone.  The new milestone is...Marie and Dave's wedding on 30th December.

Before this date I would like to have run a 10mile or higher race, be 10.5 stone or less and in a size 10 dress.

I intend on running at least 5 miles three times a week and one longer run 10-11 miles at the weekend.  Cutting back on snacking and eating more fruit and veg.

Breakfast is another big downfall...I eat to put off going to work.  No more eating before leaving for work.  I will have something when I arrive at school.

>>  HORRIBLE picture of me at the Moulton 10K.  Aiming for smaller arms in the next pic!