Why Moo?...  My second name starts with these three letters, and oftenpasswords/usernames etc seemed to include the first three letters of my surname so I would become Mary Moo.  Fitting, especially as I got bigger!!!

I used to be average sized, although always worrying about my weight...

I Went to Uni in 2004 and got fat (eating microwave meals in first year!...think I weighed about 170lbs here...) (2005)
After Uni I worked as a restaurant manager and got skinny - rushing around on my feet for 15 hour shifts with a 20 min lunch break every day!  (Approx 143lbs here) (2007)
Then in 2009 I trained to became a teacher, and in my first post travelled for nearly 7 hours a day until the sale of my first house went through and got fat again (Approx 168lbs here) (2011)

In 2011 I decided to do something about it, knowing that I was not at all healthy any more and I started running and tried my best to get healthy! (Approx 156lbs here) (2012 - First marathon!)

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