Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Weighing breakfast!

This morning I had decided I would have a small bowl of porridge for breakfast.  Yesterday in Runner's World I was reading about Raynaud's, which is when the blood in your body does not always reach your fingers.  My hands have always been quick to change colour in the cold and turn a sort of bluey-purple colour within minutes, but the last few months I have lost all feeling completely in the tips of a couple of my fingers.  The article in Runner's World mentioned foods that could help with this condition, and included oats.
I know my portion sizes have probably been a bit off-whack so I decided to weigh the oats before cooking them this morning.  40g was hardly anything in the bowl and I was really shocked how big the bowl still looked!

Plans scrapped for oats this morning and instead I had a toasted bagel with crunchy peanut butter and several glasses of water.
Now about to put together a salad for lunch...


  1. But oats soak up liquid really well- so you either have to cook them on the hob for ages, or make it the night before- I use 40g oats, 160ml ish milk, and leave overnight in the fridge (plus any add ins) and then cook in the morning, by which time the oats have soaked up loads of liquid and you get quite a big bowlful. Worth a try :)

    1. Thanks for the tip! This is now my plan for tonight ready for tomorrow's breakfast. I dread to think how many grams I was eating before!... :S