Sunday, 3 March 2013

Quick Friday catchup!

I've just had breakfast and now waiting for it to settle before heading out for a run.  I have been working on the blog this weekend, not abandoning it, but by installing Wordpress on my domain and getting it looking gooood!  So just quickly catching up with Friday and Saturday eats.  Will post properly later after my run.

Friday breakfast was my becoming regular bagel topped with Philadelphia and two ham slices.  This is a little more crisp than I tend to like normally.  I like them really lightly done!
 For treats at breaktime at school I had a hunk of crusty loaf dipped in red pepper houmous, two cheese straws, a glass of orange juice, a mini chocolate roll and a small shortbread biscuit.  There wasn't anything healthy to choose from!  It's my turn for treats next week so I've already started thinking about what healthy items I could take with me...

 I went for my run as soon as I got back from work.  Dan had gone out for dinner with work so I would be eating on my own and when I quickly nipped to Co-op to buy some eggs before tea, this WeightWatchers roasted vegetable arrabiata was in the reduced bin for 60p so I picked it up.  I never buy frozen ready meals but I was looking forward to eating this with my bread roll to mop up the tomato sauce.  Unfortunately it was actually really disappointing and didn't have a whole lot of flavour to it.  :(

I needed the eggs to make these beauties...some cake balls ready for my friend Vick's birthday party on the Saturday.  Each guest was supposed to take a dish and Dan decided he wanted me to make these as his dish!

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