Sunday, 3 March 2013

Onto Saturday...!

 I had the longest lay-in, and my body clearly needed it after the hectic week at work!  I got up at 6:15, but went back to bed at 8, and although we both woke up at 10:30, we didn't get up till gone midday.  It was nice to actually have time to have a conversation with Dan again!!!
Breakfast was what is becomming my standard bagel with Philadelphia and two ham slices.  I'm almost out though.  Might get on the cereal next week!

Because we didn't have breakfast till really late I wasn't really hungry at lunchtime.  Dan wanted something really filling as we were going out to a party tonight where there would be vegetarians and it was a bring-your-own-dish party so he worried about not having anything he would like (the only vegetables he likes being carrots and peas!)  Therefore he felt it vital to get a meal at KFC for lunch whilst we were out birthday present and food shopping!  I have never liked fast food places but did in the end get a Krush'em milkshake thing.  Shouldn't have bothered.  I hate bits in icecream (like Ben & Jerry's) and Krush'ems have lots of little bits of chocolate inside.  Didn't really enjoy it.
Bella spent the entire day laying on Dan's suit on the bed.
 Because I still had to put together a salad and finish off my cake balls I ended up without time to run which was really frustrating, but I didn't want to rush and stress myself out.  Instead, I put together this beautiful salad, and finished off the cake balls before showering.  The salad is mixed leaves, sugar snap peas, cherry tomatoes and goats cheese.  I've also bought some cranberries to add to my salads in the week as I have lots of lettuce left over.  Yum!  :)  I love, love, love salads.  They are my absolute favourite meal to have in the Summer, but Dan doesn't like any of it so I don't get to have it very often.  :(

I drove, so that I could not drink, and just had one small homemade pina colada on arrival which I followed with lots of glasses of water throughout the night.  I had said to myself before going I would only eat homemade food at the party and only items I really fancied.  I was very proud of myself and didn't go back for seconds.  None of the food was very healthy apart from mine so I took a big scoop of salad, one small slice of toad in the hole and then three mini pastry rolls - one with goats cheese and rocket, one with feta and spinach and one with sausage and cheddar.

The cake Claire made was amazing!  I did also have a slice of this later on and Vicki packed me a slice to take home which I demolished in the car on the way back!  Really tired towards the end of the evening and knowing I had to get up to run 15 miles in the morning on very little sleep!  Good night though!

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