Well, this is Me, Mary with my boyfriend, Dan when we visited New York for New Year 2013!
I actually live in Northamptonshire, UK and am an ICT teacher at a large secondary school nearby where I have been for the last three years.  Before that I was a restaurant manager and skinny!  Who knew that working in a restaurant all day on your feet would keep you fit and you would never actually have time to eat any of the food?!

This is our pet cat Bella, although she often gets called Bella-Poppodopolous...I have no idea why!!!  Dan's sister gave her to me when Bella was six months old as she was no longer able to have pets in their rented house.  Bella likes paper balls, baths and trying to attack Dan whilst he's tying his shoelaces in the morning!

I'm from Norfolk originally and really miss it and all my friends and family.  My Mum was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer so I am heading back as often as I am able to.

I love running and run for Wellingborough & District Athletic Club, having discovered a beginners group not long after I moved here in 2011.
I began this blog after stumbling upon various running blogs online (Meghann, Monica) and seeing how tracking healthy living worked for so many, with so many others hooked on improving their running and ability to live healthily.  I like the idea that if I run poorly/well I can look back and see what I had eaten/exercised in the run up to the event and learn from my mistakes.  (We shall see...!)  If I could lose a little weight in the bargain, fantastic!  :)

I also love horse-riding and used to work as a riding instructor when I lived back in Norfolk.  I now jointly run a riding club at school for students that wouldn't necessarily be able to afford to go horse-riding without the discounts/help that we receive.  They love it.  Occasionally I get to ride the other joint-runner of the club Jenny's horse, Fella to keep my riding skills up to date!

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