Friday, 15 February 2013

Valentine's day - and an epic long run adventure!

On Wednesday when I went on my run, I had been planning to do 8 miles, but this lovely cut on my heel stopped me at 5.5...
So, gearing up for a long run today, I whacked three plasters over my wound and headed out for a planned 13 miles at 10.30mm pace.
This was the plan...
What actually happened was I went out for a 14.94mile run which included a lot of fed up walking!
The Garmin took a long while to find signal. I know it didn't take me as long as it said to do my first mile. This then resulted in the next three miles being too quick. I had had nothing in my legs from the very beginning and had felt exhausted before I even started the run. I stopped three a couple of times between 5m and 6m to change the settings on my watch to display the current pace rather than the average overall pace. I got a little lost between miles 6 and 7...ended up coming out of a private road. Turned right towards Titchmarsh and had to climb along railings to stay minimally dry from the water that was up to my shins. Very proud of myself but 0.5miles down the road the water was mid-thigh height so had to turn back and walk along the A14. (Wasn't going to run with my back to the traffic). Stopped to ask a couple directions about mile 10. Fed up and cold by this point so ended up walking patches back.

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